Before and after. This is a great project to bring back life to all the components of this
Before and after pictures of paint stripped from a dump truck.
The before and after pictures of a trailer that we stripped off paint and rust.
See the before and after pictures of stripping paint from a car.
Cleaning a swimming pool
Even big projects like this one are fast and clean.
Removing graffiti can be extremely difficult, but not an issue for dustless blasting
Cleaning commercial columns
Stripping wood furniture is fast and simple with dustless blasting
Easy, fast and safe.
Power washing or Dustless Blasting? There are things power washing simply can't remo
As you can see there is nothing we can't remove
Removing old anti-fouling bottom paint would be a tedious job without LP Dustless Blasting
A great view of a project in progress
A before and after photo of a project